09 April 2009

Virtual Planet Builder - vpbmaster.exe

Virtual Planet Builder is a project based upon OpenSceneGraph. VPB was still in beta as of April 2009. It's described as:
A terrain database creation tool that is able to read a wide range of geospatial imagery and elevation data and build from small area terrain database to massive whole planet paged databases. These databases can then be uploaded onto the internet and provide online Google Earth style roaming of whole planet databases, or kept on local disks for high speed access such as required for professional flight simulators.
A sample build process by J. P. Delport shows a setup and procedure used to generated a large terrain database on a cluster of 8 nodes. The author notes "this is definitely not the only way to use VirtualPlanetBuilder, but serves as a specific example."

Delport's sample build script follows. I haven't found a command reference per se.

vpbmaster --machines machinepool.txt                // Use the machine pool file described earlier
--geocentric // I want a geocentric database
-d /glusterfs/DTED // My elevation data can be found here (the directory contains only tifs)
--layer 0 -t /glusterfs/BMNG // On texture layer 0 I want the BMNG data
--layer 0 -t /glusterfs/SPOT_reproj // as well as some nice satellite photos
--layer 1 -t /glusterfs/Maps_reproj // On Layer 1 I want some 1:50000 scale maps
--terrain --compressed // Use the new terrain format and compress the texture data
-o spot_maps/terrain.ive // Put the output files under this directory

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