10 March 2009

Defense GameTech '09 in SL: First Day

Just completed a day of seminars delivered via SecondLife from GameTech 09. Some tidbits from my followup notes:
  • BBN is working on an open source middleware product that is currently based on Delta3D
  • Onsite participants are able to see a demo featuring an integrated Wii Fit controller
  • Angel Rodriguez reported on work that integrates the Army's OneSAF with various game environments. One amusing anecdote mentions that a restart of OneSAF was facilitated by state information that had been preserved in the game environment, and was used by OneSAF in its restart to restore context.
  • Angel Rodriguez says they're finding that Collada still has legs.
  • Mark Oehlert from the Defense Acquisition University was very enthusiastic about Kongregate, especially as a proving ground for testing concepts that the military might find useful. He likewise applauded the "I Love Bees" phenom.
  • Favorite expressions heard: (1) An Army gamed-based tutorial is called a "shootorial;" (2) "We don't want it to be a self-licking ice cream cone."

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